Nals Margreid

Nals Margreid in Alto Adige; arguably one of Italy's  top co-ops in one of Italy's top white wine regions. Nals Margreid work with over 100 growers in very specific vineyards. The vineyards are found stretching from the town of Nals, between Merano and Bolzano in the regions' North, to Margreid in the sunny South. The fruit provided by these growers (each with an average 1 hectare) provides winemaker Harald Schraffl with the product from 14 of the most renowned areas in the Sudtirol. Elevations vary between 650 and 3000 feet and all benefit from the triple-whammy that the zone provides for quality viticulture: 300 days of sunshine, the protection of the Alps to the North combined with the warming influence of Mediterranean and big temperature swings between day and night.

The Nals-Margreid (Nalles-Magrè in Italian) cooperative of today was originally founded in 1932 by forty-five original members as the Kellerei Nals (Cantina Nalles, in Italian). In 1985 Kellerei Nals merged with the Margreid-Entiklar coop (founded in 1954) and took the new name of Nals-Margreid-Entiklar, or Nalless-Magrè-Niclara (the Entiklar/Niclara was dropped in the mid 2000s in order to have a more manageable company name). Today the coop is located in the town of Nalles and oversees the work of 138 members who farm 170 hectares in 14 different areas within Alto Adige. To put Alto Adige’s viticulture into perspective, consider that the region has 5,300 hectares and about 5,000 wine producers, which translates into the smallest average ownership of land per producer in Italy by a wide margin.

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Nals Margreid Chardonnay Cru Magre 2016
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Nals Margeid Penon Pinot Bianco 2014
Peach, nectarines, lemon on the nose, fleshly pure white fruit on the palate and a finish that lingers and lingers.
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£16.00 Incl. Tax: 
£13.33  Excl. Tax: 

Nals Margreid Pinot Bianco Cru Sirmian 2016
"Grand Cru"Alto Adige Pinot Bland
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£23.50 Incl. Tax: 
£19.58  Excl. Tax: 

Nals Margreid Pinot Grigio Cru Punggl 2016
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£21.00 Incl. Tax: 
£17.50  Excl. Tax: 

Nals Margreid Sauvignon Blanc 2015
Vivid, refreshiing and powerful Alto Adige Sauvignon
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£15.00 Incl. Tax: 
£12.50  Excl. Tax: 

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