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Douglas Wood - WoodWinters owner, sales and brokering
Douglas Wood
                      OWNER, PRIVATE SALES & BROKERING

Part man, part bicycle. His thirst for knowledge, his thirst for excellence and, let’s be honest, his thirst started it all. Our leader took a skilled palate and love of wine in one hand and a successful chemical engineering career in the other and….. well; is this a chemical engineering website? No it is not. Well done Doug, good choice.

Stevie Connacher - operations managerStevie Connacher                          OPERATIONS MANAGER
Napoleon once said that an army marches on its stomach. Which was weird given the feet and boots situation and all. No such idiocy from our Stevie. Once they have put the cork in the bottle it’s all over to him. Using his sizeable experience he ships, he strategises , he plots, he plans, he tastes, he selects, he trains, he does too many things all at the same time, he runs marathons, he flies (…..one day, Stevie, one day…..)!

Shane Dunning - private client wine and whisky sales
Shane Dunning                                  PRIVATE CLIENT WINE & WHISKY SALES
Wine drinker, raconteur, international man of mystery, fast jet test pilot, six times world cliff diving champion. These are all words that Shane has used. And may do so again, it’s up to him really. From the fine wine trade in London & beyond, via the path of educator and retailer to hotels, restaurants and institutions Shane brings it all to the table.

Kim Johnstone - retails and bespoke sales at Bridge of Allan
Kim Johnston
                                       RETAIL & BESPOKE SALES BofA                  
The conscience of WoodWinters. She keeps us rooted and in the here and now, makes certain we are on-message and doin it for, like, real. Let’s be honest – she had us at hello…Kim has a huge passion for food and drink and has run wine shops, restaurants, food emporia and is life-dictator-elect of a Tom & Barbara Goode Appreciation Society. One of these is not totally true. Shame.

Michael Millar - shop manager at Bridge of AllanMichael Millar                                         BRIDGE OF ALLAN SHOP MANAGER
The first of our dastardly duo of Irish-themed retail managers and still the original and best (his words). Always at hand with a quip to relieve the daily pressures of life whilst ensuring that our customers are united with just the bottle needed to make it all better. Treads that fine line between genius and madness more often than not - but that's what years in the wine trade can do to you. Oh, and we all look up to him - just pop into the shop and you'll soon understand.

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